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The project is a single family house built on a sloping, heavily wooded, creek front lot in Dallas, Texas. To preserve the more than fifty mature trees and the property’s natural grade, the new structure is largely built over the former house’s foundation, replacing a house originally constructed in 1949. Placed at the highest point on the site, adjacent to the street is a freestanding garage, connected to the house’s entry by a terraced stair, sheltered under a stepped steel and cedar pergola. Entry to the house is into the large living space, divided by freestanding fireplace and millwork elements into a dining room, and an upper and lower living room. A steel and wood stair provides vertical circulation and acts as a hinge between the public areas and the bedrooms. To clarify the interior spaces and emphasize the views the material pallet is limited and utilized throughout. Clear finished maple forms the basis for a variety of architectural expressions: millwork, paneling and most conspicuously as the undulating ceiling plane of the living room. The wave metaphor is a lighthearted gesture to the creek beyond.

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    Tour and Quiz

    • Video Tour of Sumner Bohannon Residence

    • Required Quiz for Continuing Education Credits

Tour Leader

Michael Malone, FAIA